Azurion 7 B12/12

Discover amazing new possibilities for interventional cardiology, pediatric cardiology or electrophysiology with the Azurion 7 Series biplane with two 12” detectors. This next-generation image-guided therapy platform allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your lab performance and provide superior care.


Deepen insight of coronaries

The new 12” flat detectors provide high-resolution imaging over a large field of view. You can visualize the aortic valve and a good part of the aortic arch or the entire coronary tree in a single view. Thanks to the compact design, a full range of projection angles, including the spider view, can be made.

Simplify set-up and operation

This system has been specifically designed to save time. Team members can work on all activities – at one or more workspots in the control and exam room – without interrupting each other. So while fluoroscopy/exposure is being done, staff in the control room can review previous images from the patient, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.

Control all tasks table side

Azurion supports your drive for productive, standards-based care during every case you perform. FlexVision Pro allows intuitive control of all applications at table side to boost efficiency and reduce the need for sterility breaks. Use a wireless mouse or our Touch Screen Module* to access PACS or make full use of interventional tools.

Make your day simpler

Experience enhanced ease and speed in performing procedures. The black background on the user interface and backlit icons on controls are designed to make procedures flow. Collimate with a fingertip on the Touch Screen Module Pro*. Drag and drop apps and easily switch control between users. Use the standardized user interface to rotate and train medical staff easily.

De-clutter your workspots

FlexSpot* enables you to efficiently view, control and manipulate all applications from a single point in the control room. This integrated, clutter-free work spot has one or two 27-inch widescreen monitors and one mouse and keyboard. From here you can control multiple external sources, set-up screen layouts and access available applications. Add more FlexSpots as needed.

Manage dose efficiently

Save time and manage X-ray dose with the system’s dedicated settings for pediatric and electrophysiology cases. In addition, our Dual Fluoro options let you magnify live fluoroscopic images two times without increasing dose. The MRC200+ X-ray tube with SpectraBeam filtration, Zero Dose Positioning and Philips DoseAware further aim to have a positive impact on dose.

Significantly lower dose

ClarityIQ technology that provides high quality imaging for a comprehensive range of clinical procedures, achieving excellent visibility at ultra low X-ray dose levels for patients of all sizes

Improve communication

Clear two-way communication, especially during critical parts of procedures, helps you to reduce errors, and providing fast response. With this system, communication becomes clear cut; a large mouse pointer is visible on your live image in the exam and control room. When larger teams are present in the exam room this aids communication so they can focus on the procedure.

Increase return on investment

We offer innovative financing solutions, a flexible service offering and a professional support network of over 7,000 field engineers to help you fully leverage your resources and enhance the return on your investment. Our broad range of healthcare consulting and education programs can help you further enhance the efficiency and efficacy of your care delivery process.

A lifetime of benefits

The concept of upgrading and expanding has been built into the Azurion infrastructure. This standardized hardware and software platform provides access to a new generation of connected healthcare applications and technologies. As new needs arise and your requirements change you can easily integrate additional functionality and third-party applications.

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* Some features are optionally available. Not all features are available on all systems. Please check with your Philips representative for local availability.