LAC Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd has well established itself as a leader in medical equipment and accessories supplies. We take pride in challenging industry norms and delivering superior returns for our clients’ investments supported by superior levels of customer service.

Since its inception in 2002, we have evolved and expanded our services to cater for a wide range of specialties. Our business now includes the sales, supply, testing, commissioning and maintenance of medical equipment, consumables and healthcare I.T. solutions. Our main product range includes Medical Imaging equipment which expands across Digital Radiography (DR) systems, Ultrasound systems, future Computed Tomography (CT) systems, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems as well as Medical Imaging consumables and accessories. We cover the whole supply chain by integrating and enhancing workflow efficiency with Healthcare I.T. solutions.

LAC Medical is an authorized distributor for Samsung Electronics Medical Equipment, the powerhouse behind the global digital revolution of the healthcare industry. With a broad array of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies constantly researched and introduced to the market, we are ever ready to meet the demands of our customers in the Medical Imaging industry. We are also proud to be partnering GE Healthcare, another global leader in the healthcare industry, providing innovative Healthcare I.T. solutions to the market.

Combining a strong and dedicated team at LAC Medical together with the industry global leading partners, we are determined to position ourselves as the preferred, reliable vendor to the industry practitioners, both from the public and private sector.


The vision of LAC Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd is to be known as the leading quality healthcare supplier in the Asian region. We deliver on our vision by striving for excellence every day, and constantly seeking to improve the services we offer.


We will strive to consistently

  • provide the best quality products and services to meet our customers need
  • deliver cost-effective medical supplies on time
  • ensure that the highest level of customer service is provided