Interventional Radiology

Whether treating critical limb ischemia, performing a uterine fibroid embolization, or conducting an EVAR, TACE, or percutaneous ablation, the goal is to plan and execute the procedure with precision and confidence. Leverage our multimodality Live Image Guidance and 3D data to quickly assess the nature and location of pathology and reveal hidden complexities. Receive immediate intra-operative feedback on therapy response. Navigate confidently with enhanced live visual guidance

MR Imaging systems (3.0T & 1.5T)

CT Scan

Interventional Radiology

Digital Radiography


Digital Radiography

Radiography solutions are highly customizable. From mobile units to complete digital X-ray rooms, we can provide a radiography solution that fits your workflow and budget.



ProxiDiagnost N90

This system combines high-end, nearby fluoroscopy and digital radiography into one DRF unit , designed to broaden clinical capacity and increase room utilization.


CombiDiagnost R90

This remote controlled fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography is designed for consistent, superb image quality and high room utilization.

Digital Mammography

Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)

X-Ray Processing

Radiology Accessories


Radiology Accessories

Our range of high-quality radiology accessories are designed to endure the tough usage environment in hospitals.