Azurion 3 F12

Elevate your interventional cardiology capabilities with the Azurion 3 with 12” flat detector. This highly advanced suite allows interventional teams to perform challenging cardiac interventions, with superb consistency and efficiency. It’s a whole new opportunity to improve care and your financial results.


Deepen insight

The new 12” flat detector provides high-resolution imaging over a large field of view (FOV). You can visualize the aortic valve and a good part of the aortic arch or the entire coronary tree in a single view. Thanks to the compact design, a full range of projection angles, including the spider view, can be made.

Get more done

Designed to save time, this system allows team members to work on all activities in the control and exam room without interrupting each other. So while fluoroscopy/exposure is being done, staff in the control room can review previous images from the patient, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.

Manage dose efficiently

Our DoseWise Solutions help you take control over patient care, staff safety and regulatory compliance with a comprehensive set of radiation dose management tools, training and integrated product technologies. With this system, the MRC200+ X-ray tube with SpectraBeam filtration, Zero Dose Positioning* and Philips DoseAware* further aim to manage dose efficiently.

Insightful Live Image Guidance

Benefit from Philips innovations in Live Image Guidance that help clinicians determine the most beneficial course of treatment with confidence. These include 3D-RA (Rotational Angiography), StentBoost, CardiacSwing, and many more . Our advanced procedural solutions are seamlessly integrated into the Azurion family to support clinical workflow.

Simplify set-up and operation

With ProcedureCards, you can simplify and standardize system set-up for all cases, from routine to mixed procedures. For example, the system automatically selects the relevant ProcedureCard(s) based on the RIS/HIS/CIS code of the scheduled procedure. Presets (e.g. most-frequently used, default protocols and user-specified settings) facilitates you in increasing exam consistency.

Work quickly and easily

Experience enhanced ease and speed as you work. It is easy to see clinical images and highlighted information against the black user interface. Users can instinctively move the system with the distinctly shaped buttons. All Azurion systems have the same standardized user interface to train and rotate medical staff easily between labs.

Boost lab utilization

To help you manage large volumes of cases, while lowering costs, our workflow consultants can assess your current performance and identify opportunities to increase your lab utilization. This approach has helped our customers realize more meaningful and sustainable improvements in their operations.

Make the most of every day

Our dynamic service portfolio is designed around you, with the flexibility to provide system maintenance and lifecycle services that are the right fit for your business. Philips Remote Services aim to help you maintain peak performance of equipment, deliver uninterrupted patient care and address your most complex technical problems before they impact patient care.

Grow your services over time

The concept of upgrading and expanding has been built into the Azurion infrastructure. This standardized hardware and software platform provides access to a new generation of connected healthcare applications and technologies. As new needs arise and your requirements change you can easily integrate additional functionality and third-party applications.

Unlock your potential

Philips Healthcare Education can help unlock the full potential of your staff, technology and organization to meet new challenges through innovative, meaningful and evidence-based healthcare education. Our comprehensive clinical, technical and business-related courses are designed to help you meet the need to control costs, streamline workflow and improve patient care.

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