This product includes:

  • Lead protective wear – apron, mini-apron, skirt, gloves, goggles, thyroid shield, ovarian shield, gonad shield
  • X-ray Lead Markers – Alphanumeric and Alphabetical
  • X-ray Cassettes with screen
  • X-ray Dry Laser Film & Conventional Film
  • Chemical Solutions
  • X-ray Viewer Box
  • ID Printers – Daylight ID printers, digital ID camera, dark room ID printers
  • Stationary Grid
  • Positioning Aids
  • Apron hangerThis product includes:

Radiology Accessories

Our range of high-quality radiology accessories are designed to endure the tough usage environment in hospitals. Working closely with various partners from around the globe, we design and fabricate many of our accessories locally, while other specialized items are imported from various countries including Germany, USA, Korea, India, China and many more. We ensure that we distribute only products of the highest quality.Radiology Accessories