PRIMUS is a whole body analzer for the BMD (Bone Mineral Density), body composition, and bone morphology by scanning the qholw body or a specific area of the body with its cutting edge Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA) technology.


Based on the optimized Fan beam DXA technology, PRIMUS is leading a new design trend of medical deviced with its combination of sophisticated feature and a cutting-edge touch-type console panel.


The console panel consisting of a touch screen and a colorful rear LED light supports the practitioner to operate the device more easily.


PRIMUS can measure the whole body of a patient efficently due to the multi-channel detectors that covers a wide area with higher speed.


The Measuring sites of PRIMUS are the whole body or the regional areas. It can measure the BMD of AP Spine, Dual Femur, Forearm, and Lateral Spine. And Regarding the body composition analysis function, it can quantitatively analyze the fat mass, lean mass, and the weight of a patient, and also there are other various analysis functions such as VFA, Orthopedics, Hip analysis, FRAX, color Mapping.


Along with its widened scan area, PRIMUS shortened the examination time with a higher scan speed resulting to a momre convenient examination process.


Measurement Type Whole body DXA (Total body composition and Assessment)
Measurement Method Narrow Fast Fan-Beam
Scan Site Whole body, AP Spine, Femur, Forearm, Lateral Spine, LVA, Orthopedics
Scan Time AP Spine: 30 sec (+2 sec), Fermur (+2 sec), Forearm: 23 sec (+2 sec)
Measured Parameter BMD, T-Score, z-score, BMC, Area, BMI, B-Scope, Color Mapping (BCM, RCM, OCM) FRAX
Total Body BMD, Total body composition (FAT / Lean /BMC)
HA (hpip Analysis), Dual Femur
Precision & Accucary <1.0% C.V.
QC Check Daily QC phantom
Dimension 2784x1045x1258mm (Standard), 22290x1045x1258mm (SB)