IQon Elite Spectral CT

CT scanner

As the world’s first and only detector-based spectral technology, Philips IQon Elite Spectral CT is the only dual-energy solution that provides layers of true spectral data, without compromise. IQon delivers confident decision making, innovative analytics, and uncompromised workflow that dramatically impact patient management and economic outcomes.


Diagnostic certainty

With IQon Elite Spectral CT, true conventional CT images are paired with layers of spectral results in the same scan. Suddenly, what had been invisible is now both visible and diagnostic. IQon Elite Spectral CT’s improved tissue characterization and visualization provides diagnostic certainty far beyond that of conventional CT.

Every scan is a spectral scan

Only IQon Elite Spectral CT eliminates the need for upfront clinical decision-making through the revolutionary NanoPanel Prism detector. With detector-based spectral technology, only IQon Elite Spectral CT solves the pre-scan dilemma—delivering the certainty of true spectral data in every single scan.

Powerful advancements that fit your workflow

With no special training or separate scanning modes required, IQon Elite Spectral CT integrates seamlessly into your current workflow practice to help you establish a new, spectral standard of care. Utilizing tools that enable on-demand, simultaneous viewing and quick comparison of multiple spectral results from a single region of interest, clinicians have easy access to rich data that can improve confidence in findings.

HyperSight Elite Spectral Reconstructor

Designed to address the needs of high throughput and emergency care settings, our the IQon Elite Spectral CT’s Elite Spectral Reconstructor enables routine spectral imaging of up to 200 patients in a 16-hour shift.

Calcium Suppression

This spectral result provides images that provide additional information to the clinician that may help in better assessment of intervertebral disc herniation, and allows for better visualization of bone marrow pathology.

Electron Density

This spectral result provides images that are created using a dedicated algorithm to estimate the electron density of each voxel, helping to enhance tissue characterization and enabling a new level of diagnostic certainty for oncology clinicians and their patients.

Clinical Images

Product Images




Generator power 120 kW
Slices Up to 256
Coverage 40 mm
Rotation speed 0.27 sec
Maximum scannable range 2,100 mm
Bore size 700 mm
Conventional reconstruction speed iDose4: majority of reference protocols under 1 minute IMR: majority of reference protocols under 3
Spectral reconstruction speed* 3-5 minutes for the majority of cases, enabled by HyperSight Elite Spectral Reconstructor
Spectral temporal resolution Simultaneous in the same time and space


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