Tricog Platform Advantages

  • Instant report within 10 minutes
  • Accurate ECG interpretation by Certified Cardiologist
  • 24 X 7 available specialist team
  • Mobile Report through Email and Tricog Mobile App


The InstaECG is Tricog’s flagship product that has made the aim of saving lives a reality. It is a cloud-connected device that makes the interpretation and analysis of an ECG report quick and easy. With the InstaECG, patients can receive the Cardiologist Certified ECG reports within 10 minutes.


“Modern technology system supports with medical expertise”
To preserve life through accurate and instant diagnosis of cardiac incidents by using Medical Expertise, Technology, and Arificial Intelligence (AI) to scale over a million ECG diagnosis.

  • Accurate Diagnosis of ECG by Tricog’s medical team with AI
  • Instant ECG Interpretation within 10 mins
  • Round the Clock 24/7 reliable ECG reporting by Cardiologists
  • FDA approved 12-Lead ECG machine with Tricog Communicator
  • Providing remote cardiology services with InstaECG reporting Solution
  • Enable to receive Tricog report remotely for appropriate action to save life
  • Digital ECG reports sent to hospital/clinic and diagnostic centre via Web, Tricog Mobile Apps, SMS and email
  • Provide Customer Portal/Hubbr (Analytics) Platform


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Instant ECG Diagnosis
Get cardiac report within minutes

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AI-Powered ECG Solution
Patent-pending AI algorithm with higher accuracy than standard ECG diagnosing AI algorithm

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Cardiologist Certified Reports
Every ECG is accurately diagnosed by the in-house team of Cardiac Specialists

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24×7 ECG Reporting
Round the clock ECG reporting services available

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Easy Access to Report
ECG reports are sent to the team at the medical hospital via SMS, Email and App notification

How it Works

The ECG is taken at the remote centres using the InstaECG. The ECG data is steadily pushed to the Tricog Cloud, where the proprietary algorithms first analyze it and provide a preliminary interpretation for verification by the in-house medical specialist team.

These AI-based algorithms aid the in-house medical team to provide the remote centres with verified ECG interpretation via E-Mail, SMS, or App notifications within a few minutes.


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A4 size ECG reports for all cases

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Increase patient walk-ins through virtual cardiologist services

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Modernize your center at no fixed cost

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Digital data bank for future reference

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Care coordination in critical cases

Tricog’s Milestones

With our AI-powered ECG solution, we are doing our bit in SAVING LIVES!.

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> 3 Million +
No of patients

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Lives Saved

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2,600 +