Philips MR Ingenia Elition 3.0T

The Philips Ingenia Elition solution offers cutting-edge MR imaging techniques, while setting new directions for clinical research in 3.0T imaging based on gradient- and RF designs.

The Ingenia Elition delivers on superb image quality, and performs MRI exams up to 50% faster¹. Fast overall exam-time is achieved by improving patient handling setup time at the bore with the touchless guided patient setup, combined with accelerations in both 2D- and 3D scanning. Furthermore, the Ingenia Elition offers an immersive audio-visual experience to calm patients and guide them through MR exams.


Delivers speed without sacrifice. Every time.

Ingenia Elition’s speed and productivity stem from our commitment to both reach for a well informed and compliant patient as well accelerate MRI exams. Thanks to revolutionary sensing technology, Ingenia Elition delivers innovative patient comfort and workflow capabilities for faster and more patient friendly exams. The Philips Compressed SENSE unique acceleration technique allows you to speed up the entire MRI examination1. With the Ingenia Elition, you can scan more than five patients per hour3, leaving more time for you to focus on clinical and research excellence.

Compressed SENSE accelerates the entire patient exam, including 2D and 3D scans, by up to 50% with virtually equivalent image quality. This new paradigm in productivity applies to all anatomies and anatomical contrasts. As a result, your staff has more time to focus on what matters most: enhancing patient care. It’s speed done right, every time.
VitalScreen offers guidance and insights on the details of the current patient study. VitalEye, a revolution in patient sensing, helping you keep a caring eye on your patient and provides a continuous and robust respiratory signal without any interaction.
SmartExam supports reproducible planning results for over 80% of procedures. This lets you standardize your MRI exam process, helping you enhance consistency in follow-up exams of the same patient and from patient to patient. What’s more, you can share and apply automated geometry planning across different Philips MRI consoles.

A confident diagnosis

Ingenia Elition supports confident diagnosis by innovating on all fronts. The new high-end performance gradient and RF design, combined with innovative imaging solutions such as Compressed SENSE and 3D APT help you reach new levels of precision in anatomical and functional clinical imaging. As a result, you can diagnose the most challenging clinical indications with confidence.

Fully redesigned gradients combined with Compressed SENSE acceleration technology allow up to 60% higher spatial resolution1 in the same scan time, revealing more details for greater precision. It’s precision made efficient.
Ingenia Elition’s high-performance gradients allow the most advanced imaging techniques on a 3.0T system. Diffusion scans are up 30% faster with an average of 70% higher contrast resolution5. All this makes Ingenia Elition an ideal choice in clinical routine and oncology applications, even for challenging anatomies.
Ingenia Elition gradients deliver up to 23% higher temporal resolution in fMRI studies as well as 30% shorter TR in diffusion imaging5. Ingenia Elition lets you unlock new territories in the field of neurofunctional MRI, unraveling the connections and functional set-up of the brain.
3D APT uses the presence of endogenous cellular proteins to produce an MR signal that directly correlates with cell proliferation, an indicator of tumoral activity. 3D APT can support trained medical professionals in differentiating low grade from high grade brain gliomas and, in differentiating tumor progression from treatment effect6.

Dramatically improves patient comfort

Your patients are at the heart of Ingenia Elition. An MR experience that enhances comfort and reduces the likelihood of rescans7. With up to 80% acoustic noise reduction, voice guidance, immersive in-bore visuals and a comfortable table, your patients are made to feel at ease, resulting in smoother, faster exams.

The Philips unique ComforTone solution achieves up to 80% reduction in acoustic noise8 with similar image quality and contrast within the same time slot. You can use ComforTone in routine exams such as brain, spine and MSK but can also apply it with high gradient settings.
AutoVoice guides your patients through the MR examination by indicating scan duration, announcing table movements and offering breathhold guidance, helping you enhance patient comfort.
Ingenia Elition offers a comfortable table experience thanks to the ComfortPlus mattress. On average, 90% of patients in severe discomfort find it easier to lie still on the ComfortPlus mattress than on a standard mattress.
Philips takes a patient-centric approach to MRI exams. Our unique Ambient Experience lets you and your patients define in-bore lighting, sounds and visuals in line with their personal preferences. In a study, with the use of the in-bore solution, Herlev Gentofte University Hospital in Denmark managed to reduce the number of rescans by up to 70%7, allowing them to handle more patients per day.

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1 Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.
2 For routine exams, based on in-house testing.
3 Based on in house testing, with brain, c-spine, l-spine, liver and knee exams, measuring exam times only.le to patients with MR Conditional Implants.
5 Compared to Ingenia 3.0T Omega HP R5.3..
6 Zhou et al., Nat Med 9, 1085-1090 (2003).​; Zhou et al., Magn Reson Med 50, 1120-1126 (2003)​; Jones et al., Magn Reson Med 56, 585-592 (2006).
7 Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
8 Compared to scanning without ComforTone.