Philips MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5T

Based on its new, revolutionary fully sealed BlueSeal magnet, Ingenia Ambition lets you experience more productive¹ helium-free MR operations.

The Ingenia Ambition delivers superb image quality even for challenging patients, and performs MRI exams up to 50% faster with Compressed SENSE acceleration for all anatomies in both 2D- and 3D scanning3. Fast overall exam-time is achieved by simplifying patient handling at the bore with the touchless guided patient setup.

Furthermore, the Ingenia Ambition offers an immersive audio-visual experience to calm patients and guide them through MR exams.


Transition you department to more productive helium-free MR operations1

Built around the unique, fully sealed BlueSeal magnet, the Ingenia Ambition is designed to simplify your MR installation, reduce lengthy and costly disruptions in your MR services, and help your department transition to productive helium-free operations. Based on a decade of innovation, this revolutionary magnet operates with only seven liters of liquid helium and is fully sealed – freeing up your mind and operations from potential helium complications.

What’s more, the system can achieve hours of continuous high-performance scanning and offers a leading field-of-view of 55cm for a wide bore 1.5T system.

In contrast to classic magnet technology, which requires around 1500 liters of liquid helium for cooling during operation, Philips BlueSeal uses a highly efficient, new micro-cooling technology which requires only a negligible amount (<0.5% of today’s volume1) of liquid helium for cooling.
The new BlueSeal magnet is fully sealed. As a result, no helium can escape11, either suddenly during a loss of helium or gradually. This reduces long interruptions to MR services that can result from helium issues. Moreover, it means that the magnet does not have to be refilled with liquid helium during its lifetime.
On a classic magnet, long vent pipes must be installed to meet safety requirements and direct helium to an outside vent in case of a magnet quench. Because no liquid helium can escape, Philips BlueSeal does not need a vent pipe, significantly reducing construction costs.
Philips BlueSeal is also lightweight with a minimum siting limitation of 3,700 kg. This is around 900 kg lighter than its predecessor1, a decrease in weight that can potentially facilitate easier siting, reduce floor adaptations and further lower construction costs.
Philips BlueSeal qualifies as the first magnet driven by adaptive intelligence to support a set of unique service functionalities called EasySwitch. The BlueSeal’s magnetic field can for instance be easily turned off if an item becomes stuck in the bore. Once the problem is resolved, a hospital or Philips personnel3 can initiate an automated ramp-up and bring the magnet back to field, minimizing operational downtime.
Thanks to highly efficient cooling properties from its micro-cooling system, Ingenia Ambition can achieve hours of high-performance scanning with zero homogeneity change. Furthermore, the magnet offers a leading homogeneous field-of-view of 55cm and highly linear gradients

Delivers speed without sacrifice, every time

Thanks to innovative sensing technology and in-room guidance, Ingenia Ambition delivers new workflow capabilities to minimize interactions with the system, freeing you up to care for your patient and drives fast exams. The Philips Compressed SENSE unique acceleration technique allows you to speed up the entire MRI examination with virtually equal image quality, every time. Furthermore, the system is designed to be handled by a single operator, helping you address your staffing challenges. With Ingenia Ambition, we aim to help you scan more patients per hour.

Compressed SENSE accelerates the entire patient exam, including 2D and 3D scans, by up to 50% with virtually equal image quality2. This new paradigm in productivity applies to all anatomies and anatomical contrasts. As a result, your staff has more time to focus on what matters most: enhancing patient care. It’s speed done right, every time.
PerformanceBridge Protocol Manager6 lets you manage ExamCard protocols and distribute them to all the MRI systems in the fleet. The MR AppLicense solutions6 standardize and simplify the availability of software applications so they can be shared and managed across the fleet.
The Ingenia Ambition offers the opportunity to run your examinations in one smart touch. With VitalScreen, you can start your exam from the patient side with a single touch. When you close the door of the exam room, scanning starts instantaneously using SmartStart. From there, SmartExam5 adaptive intelligence plans and runs the ExamCard protocol in the background. Finally, SmartLine automatically post-processes your images, ready-for-reading.
VitalScreen offers guidance and insights on the details of the current patient study. VitalEye, a revolution in patient sensing, helping you keep a caring eye on your patient and provides a continuous and robust respiratory signal without any interaction.

A confident diagnosis boosted by new clinical capabilities

We have equipped the Ingenia Ambition with a wealth of clinical capabilities – with the aim of helping you deliver consistently high-quality diagnostic outcomes, even for complex cases, while maintaining short and more predictable time slots. We foresee this as a path to confident diagnosis, letting you tackle existing, new and future clinical demands, while addressing the current upswing in patient volume experienced by radiology departments. Ingenia Ambition is designed to help you become the preferred partner within your referral network.

3D BrainVIEW and SpineVIEW let you acquire high-resolution data in multiple directions in one scan, including oblique. These isotropic imaging methods can be boosted by Compressed SENSE to increase the image resolution in the same scan time2. 3D NerveVIEW improves visualization of nerves by providing you with spectacular high resolution T2w acquisition with reduced signal from fat and vessels7.
Ingenia Ambition delivers superb visualization of soft tissue and bone, helping you capture fine bone structure, cartilage and meniscal details. You can now acquire 3D submillimeter (0.7 mm or less) isotropic images in less than 5 minutes with excellent SNR, meeting 3.0T resolution standards on a 1.5T scanner.
To simplify your scanning process for patients with MR conditional implants, ScanWise Implant8 software provides step-by-step guidance to enter the condition values of the implant manufacturer. Your MR system then automatically applies these values for the entire examination. ScanWise Implant8 empowers you to serve this growing patient population with confidence, helping to increase your referrals.
Compressed SENSE enables up to 40% faster scan time, resulting in breath holds down to just 5s, with virtually equivalent image quality for cardiac and abdominal imaging2. Combined with the visual and auditory breath hold guidance available on our In-bore experience, Ingenia Ambition offers a unique solution to support comfortable abdominal and cardiac imaging for all your patients.
Ingenia Ambition provides high-quality whole-body ExamCard protocols under 30 minutes, drawing on our unique Compressed SENSE, mDIXON XD, and DWIBS whole-body diffusion techniques. The BlueSeal magnet’s large field-of-view and highly linear gradients support switching to fast, high-quality coronal whole-body DWIBS, a game changer for increasing referrals.
Our Technology Maximizer program is designed to maximize the performance of your imaging equipment throughout its lifetime through proactive upgrades, keeping your MRI up to date. Furthermore, with Technology Maximizer Pro, your MRI system will automatically receive the latest specialty applications for your favorite clinical domain(s).10

Dramatically improves patient experience

Your patients are at the heart of Ingenia Ambition – which includes an MR experience that enhances comfort and compliance. With up to 80% acoustic noise reduction9, voice guidance, immersive in-bore visuals and a comfortable table, your patients are made to feel at ease, resulting in smooth, fast exams.

Philips unique ComforTone solution achieves up to 80% reduction in acoustic noise9 with similar image quality and contrast within the same time slot. You can use ComforTone in routine exams such as brain, spine and MSK but can also apply it with high gradient settings.
AutoVoice guides your patients through the MR examination by indicating scan duration, announcing table movements and offering breath hold guidance, helping you enhance patient comfort.
Philips takes a patient-centric approach to MRI exams. Designed to offer a relaxing sensory experience, our unique Ambient Experience provides positive distractions for patients by incorporating dynamic lighting, projection and sound, contributing to a positive, engaging environment to benefit quality of care. The Philips In-Bore Connect solution can help patients to relax, follow directions and minimize motion.
Ingenia Ambition offers a comfortable table experience thanks to the ComfortPlus mattress. On average, 90% of patients in severe discomfort find it easy to lie still on the ComfortPlus mattress.


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1Compared to the Ingenia 1.5T ZBO magnet.
2Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.
3Requires appropriate service contract.
4Based on in-house testing..
5SmartExam is not available for patients with MR Conditional implants.
6Conditions apply. Selected countries only.
7By use of MSDE black blood pre-pulse with STIR/SPAIR, compared to our STIR/SPAIR sequence without MSDE prepulse.
8Only for use with MR Safe of MR Conditional implants by strictly following the Instructions for Use.
9Compared to scanning without ComforTone
10Requires service contract for 5 year after installation. Selected countries only.
11Even in the rare case of the magnet becoming unsealed, the negligible amount of helium escaping would not materially affect the oxygen in the room.