Introducing a newly upgraded FCR CAPSULA XLII designed with a new form and equipped with state-of-the-art function including an optional capability of 50-micron reading with a single-side HR-IP


  • Worldwide, extensive experience results in confidence for FCR
  • Compact frame and vertical cassette insertion for effective work space
  • Compact with high efficiency FCR CAPSULA XLII enables extrememly high throughput of up to approx. 94IPs/hr.* and the time to display the image on the CR Console monitor is approx. 23 seconds, in spite of it’s compactness.
  • All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs FCR CAPSULA XLII can be optionally upgraded for 50-micron reading with the single-side HR-IP and new IP cassettes type CH to visualize more fine and minute structures for mammography** and pediatric imaging. In addition, three types of IP cassettes (Type CC, LC & CH) can be used for various imaging needs, as well as pantomography (15 x 30 cm).
  • Featuring Image Intelligence™ Processing


FCR CAPSULA XLII Brochure Download


Processing Capacity
(35×43 IP per hour)
Matrix Size
18 x 24cm (10 pixels)
1770 x 237024 x 30cm (10 pixels)
2364 x 296418 x 24cm (20 pixels) (optional)
3540 x 4740

24 x 30cm (20 pixels) (optional)
4728 x 5928

35 x 35cm (10 pixels)
3520 x 3520

35 x 43cm (10 pixels)
3520 x 4280

20 x 25cm (10 pixels)
2000 x 2510

25 x 30cm (10 pixels)
2505 x 3015

15 x 30cm (10 pixels)
1464 x 2964

Applicable IP Type ST-VI, HR-V
50µm Reading yes (Optional, single-side 18 x 24 cm, 24 x 30 cm)
Dimensions (reader unit, mm) (W × D × H) 590 × 380 × 810
Weight (kg) 99 kg
Power Consumption (kW) 0.7
DICOM Compatibility Modality Worklist, Modality Performed Procedure Step, Basic
Grayscale Print, CR Image Storage, Storage Commitment
Other Options for CR Console 50µm Single-side Reading, Electronic Shutter, Free Annotation, Image
Composition, Auto-menu Selection, LUT Adjustment, FCR QC
Program, Tiling QA, Multi-Frequency Processing, Flexible Noise
Control, Grid Pattern Removal, Pattern Enhancement Processing for
Mammography (for PROFECT)