EXCELLUS is a half body Fan Beam Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA), which is designed under the new concept of a body composition analyzer capable of measuring the BMD(Bone Mineral Density) and analyzing a half body composition.


A Smart Fan Beam DXA of a compact concept, EXCELLUS is introduced as a new category for DXA market by maximizing the high-end functions and the strong points of our two previous models, Central DXA ‘DEXXUM T’ and Whole Body DXA ‘PRIMUS’


We are very proud of the compact, sophisticated and refined design of EXCELLUS.


From the basic measurement of the BMD (Bone Medical Density) of AP Spine, Dual Femur, Forearm, and Lateral spine, EXCELLUS supports the various bone morphology analysis such as VFA or orthopedics


By measuring the area between shoulder and knee, you can analyze fat mass and lean mass. Moreover, you can diagnose your patient’s obesity type as Gynoid or Android and manage the patient accordingly.


Measurement Type Half body DXA (Half body composition and Assessment)
Measurement Method Narrow Fast Fan-Beam
Scan Site Half body, AP spine, Femur(Dual Femur), Foream, Lateral spine, LVA, Orthopedics
Measured Parameter BMD, BMC, BMI, T-score, Z-score, Area, Half body BMD,Body composition(FAT / Lean / BMC) HA(Hip Analysis) Dual femur), Android & Gynoid , B-Scope, Dual-Scan, Color Mapping (BCM, RCM, OCM), FRAX
Dimension 1900 X 800 X 1230 mm