Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm

This ceiling-mounted system provides unlimited imaging flexibility for diverse procedures and exceptional positioning freedom for medical teams. You get all this in a compact set-up, providing a highly cost-effective environment ready for the procedures of the future. By working around you, Philips Azurion with FlexArm helps you optimize your suite performance and deliver superior care.


Unlimited imaging flexibility

Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm rotates on no less than eight axis to create virtually unlimited flexibility to perform imaging, from head to toe on the left and right side for both 2D and 3D visualizations. The image beam remains aligned with the patient, allowing better visualization of anatomies during rotations or angulations. Consequently, 100% of participants confirmed in a user study that FlexArm would allow them to work with great flexibility.*

More independent control for physician

FlexArm further evolves Azurion’s table side control with the intuitive Axsys controller to make procedures flow naturally and easily. When changes or complications occur, the physician can quickly and easily take action. This can also reduce the need for the physician and other staff to move in and out of the sterile field during a procedure.

Full staff positioning freedom

FlexArm’s positioning flexibility frees up medical teams to choose the best working position. The C-arm’s 270-degree range of movement allows all imaging positions to be reached without hampering optimal team positioning and without needing to move the patient table. This avoids disturbing equipment and instruments, and keeps the anesthesia zone free.

Improved workflow for multiple patient access points

The FlexArm C-arm can provide off-center imaging along both sides of the table. This allows physicians to perform radial or brachial access cases on the left or right arm, fully or partially extended, without moving the patient or pivoting the table. The X-ray beam stays aligned with the arm to promote smooth navigation over its full length without making constant adjustments.

Enhanced patient care

Frequent table movements during interventions can create stress for patients, dislodge wires and tubes and disrupt the procedure set-up. FlexArm gives you the ability to handle cases requiring full body access with 2D or 3D imaging from three sides of the table without pivoting or panning the table. This can enhance the patient experience and improve catheter handling.

Increase lab utilization with procedure-based workflows

FlexArm’s movement flexibility combined with Axsys motion control system and ProcedureCards allow you to work according to procedure-based workflows to perform a broader mix of procedures. This has been shown to slash system positioning time by 27%* compared to labs with conventional interventional systems.

Supports multiple specialties now and in the future

FlexArm’s unlimited imaging and staff positioning flexibility allowing procedure-specific workflows, create the ideal treatment environment for multiple specialties in one room. Imagine a combination of surgical and endovascular procedures, cardiac and peripheral procedures or endovascular and orthopedic surgeries.

Increase standardization of clinical set-ups

The full flexibility of the FlexArm system means you no longer need to move the patient table during imaging or disturb nearby equipment and instruments. Azurion ProcedureCards offer presets to standardize set-up for all cases. Hospital checklists and/or protocols can be implemented into the standard system set-up to help safeguard consistency and reduce preparation errors.

Make efficient use of your lab or Hybrid OR space

The compact design of FlexArm helps you to make efficient use of space in your lab or Hybrid OR. It also makes more working space available compared to robotic imaging systems because it does not create a large “no fly zone” in the treatment area.

Save time

This system has been specifically designed to save time for busy mixed-use rooms. Team members can work on all activities – at one or more workspots in the control and exam room – without interrupting each other. While X-ray is being done, staff in the control room can review previous images from the patient, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.

Full control at table side

Pre-procedural data, multimodality imaging from PACS and other sources, and interventional applications can be displayed on FlexVision Pro. You can easily control all of this via a seamless mouseover. Capture screenshots of displayed video sources and store them in the patient file with a single click. Everything you need is at your fingertips within the sterile field.

Manage dose efficiently

To help you manage large volumes of cases, while lowering costs, our workflow consultants can assess your current performance and identify opportunities to increase your lab utilization. This approach has helped our customers realize more meaningful and sustainable improvements in their operations.

Increase economic value

Rapidly changing interventional and OR environments make definitive decisions around capital spending to support these improvements even more difficult. To help you fully leverage your financial, technological and staffing resources and realize a high return on your investment, we offer comprehensive support that extends far beyond the walls of your treatment room.


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* Some features are optionally available. Not all features are available on all systems. Please check with your Philips representative for local availability.