Access CT

Redefining value in CT

Now the performance your practice demands also fits your budget. We’ve taken proven, advanced Philips technologies and put them into Access CT for enhanced diagnostic confidence, at an attractive total cost of ownership.


Enhance diagnostic confidence with superb image quality

iDose⁴ is a proven and award-winning technology found in premium Philips CT systems, and is one of the ways that Access CT is able to offer such excellent exceptional image quality at low dose. iDose⁴ helps personalize image quality based on patient needs at low dose, and improves image quality* through artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution at low dose. It also allows for improved tube efficiency.

See more detail across a range of patient types

Exclusive MAR technology helps isolate the effects of metal objects in image data, aiding visualization of surrounding anatomy. 1024² high spatial resolution reveals subtle details for a high level of quantitative analysis to help maximize detectability of small objects. Both work to enhance diagnostic confidence.

Provide exceptional image quality for even small patients

The 70 kV scan mode – the first in a system of its kind – helps take patient care to a new level by offering low-dose scanning of smaller patients, and allowing for protection of radiation-sensitive organs. This scan mode offers up to 20% lower-dose scanning than 80 kV.

Streamline workflow and reduce variability

The iFlow intelligent workflow platform features automatic tools for simple and efficient workflow. Achieve excellent scanning with high throughput while keeping operational costs low and making the most of training resources.

Count on service and smart analysis

We connect expert remote support specialists with your local service engineer for the strength and experience of Philips to support you at all times. Predictive and proactive actions, fast response, and the ability to collaborate on big data with smart analysis are designed to keep your system and your business running smoothly

Clinical Images

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*Improved image quality is defined by improvements in spatial resolution and/or noise reduction as measured in phantom studies.