Floor Digital X-ray GF50


Meet GF50, the essential Digital Radiography for your facility that can satisfy your needs for a great performance at an improved bottom line. Designed to fit even in tight spaces, the compact digital radiography (DR) system will provide you with high-quality, reliable output while helping you reduce diagnosis time through easy and fast operation. By constantly monitoring the system’s condition, GF50 will help you keep up the best performance to provide quality patient care at all times.

* Product model names and detector type may vary depending on the license registration progress in each country.



Efficiency at hand, GF50 series

The GF50 series offers you fast, reliable and essential operation. In addition, This compact design enables easy.

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Improved diagnostic capability with S-Detector

S-Detector displays the patient’s anatomical structure clearly with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). In addition, the detector include Noise Equivalent Dose reduction(NED) capability.

High-quality images with S-Vue™

Samsung’s next-generation S-Vue imaging engine delivers high-resolution images through advanced processing and adaptive filtering and provides enhanced image contrast and sharpness.


Automated operation such as Auto-tracking yields a fast, accurate diagnosis, regardless of the patient’s position. Auto-tracking function reduces workflow steps by half compared to the conventional manual tracking.

Lightweight Wireless S-Detector

S-Detector provides higher throughput, making the patients in the procedure more comfortable and convenient. As a result, the operator’s effort is reduced, and a greater number of patients can be served.

Quick acquisition time

Preview and acquisition take less than 3 seconds, and full acquisition less than 10 seconds. It is easy to shoot multiple images after checking the preview image.

Foot sensor

The ergonomic design provides enhanced accessibility with 4-way/6-way table movement for quick,accurate patient positioning. The foot sensor helps users to control the 4-way table top by signaling to the foot sensor.

Intuitive User Interface

Workstation’s Intuitive interface allow users to easily operate the system. The Anatomical Programmed Radiography(APR) selects the appropriate imaging method for the parts being imaged to ensure quick examinations.

Dose management

GF50 minimizes excessive radiation exposure with an auto sensor and by sending various shooting condition data such as Auto Exposure Control (AEC) and X-ray dose information measured by the Dose Area Product (DAP).


This system provides a customized service that enables users to manage the status of equipment through real-time monitoring of any problems. It also provides remote repair services through remote access assistance.

Key features

GF50 series

Key features