Ceiling Digital X-ray GC85A

Experience a new level of efficiency with a digital radiography system designed for streamlined operation.

Equipped with superior S-Detector, S-Vue, and S-Align imaging technologies, GC85A provides outstanding images that boost diagnostic confidence.

Reduce operating costs and downtime with S-Share compatibility and auto positioning features that expedite operation.

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Smart Auto Control

An operator can precisely position the entire system with one touch of the control panel’s buttons. The user can move a motorized, tilting receptor with a remote control from -20 to 90 degrees to various areas such as skulls or hands with no need for a table.

Soft Handling

The Tube Head Unit (THU) can be positioned gently using two fingers, so the operator avoids getting tired from pulling the unit. Intuitive icons and functions also simplify the THU’s operation.

Shared Bucky

Shared Bucky can be used on a table with S4335-W and S4343-W, and the S4343-W wall stand or S-Detector of a compatible Samsung DR can be shared. Shared Bucky with S4335-W can be placed in landscape and vertical directions to capture images such as tall patients’ spines.


S-Vue provides dependable and accurate diagnoses in various conditions with reliably clear images, enhanced sharpness and clarity, and adjustable contrast presets. A precise auto shutter improves consistency.


Wireless, lightweight S-Detector with high DQE and a portable grid displays the patient’s body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose. Three available S-Detector sizes support imaging of various areas.


S-Align provides precise alignment for superior imaging. S-Align displays the detector’s angle to the THU to enhance image quality during free exams. When the THU and detector are within a certain radius, the angle can be automatically fitted.


S-Detectors are compatible with Samsung DR Systems, so when components break or fail, ceiling DR S-Detectors can be used for other systems. Various detector configurations support unique clinical needs and continuous care.

Save-Power Mode

When the equipment is in Standby mode, the system supports Ready to Scan and Energy Save modes. Energy Save mode can lower power consumption by reducing electricity usage by half compared to Ready to Scan mode.

Smart Stitching

Fast Smart Stitching eliminates the need for the patient to stand for long periods of consecutive shooting. Plus, a stitched image provides greater diagnostic clarity than separate images.

Wireless System

GC85A provides instant data transfer with an integrated wireless system (S-Detector, remote control and wireless foot switch). A remote control reduces unnecessary user movement.

Auto Tracking

Efficient Auto Tracking saves time by eliminating repetitive checking of the Tube’s center, detector and fit. Auto Tracking can reduce workflow steps by almost half compared to manual tracking.

Collision Avoidance System

Six sensors can detect patients’ and users’ movements to avoid collisions.

Individual Blade Control

A 4-axis individual blade control function reduces unnecessary radiation dosage by enabling only specific radiation areas to be set as needed. This function is especially useful for pediatric chest examinations.

Dose Management

GC85A minimizes excessive radiation exposure with an auto sensor and by sending various shooting condition data such as Auto Exposure Control (AEC) and X-ray dose information measured by the Dose Area Product (DAP).

Multi-tasking Support

GC85A operators can be ready for the next step without waiting for post processing. Users can save time by selecting the next protocol or changing parameters without delays.

S-Detector Durability

S3025-W is water-resistant to protect it from liquid sprays and dust in all directions. The product is durable against unexpected contact with substances such as blood, body fluids and liquid and powdered medication.


This system provides a customized service that enables users to manage the status of equipment through real-time monitoring of any problems. It also provides remote repair services through remote access assistance.